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Security for Online Exams: Digital Proctoring


Lecturer Yasemin Bertiz, Kirklareli University, Turkey
Lecturer Dr. Mustafa Tevfik Hebebci, Necmettin Erbakan University, Turkey


Sustainability of education has become of paramount importance during the COVID-19 pandemic at all educational levels worldwide. In this process, the assessment process, which is one of the most important steps of education and teaching activities, started to be applied as online exams. In addition to being compulsory during epidemic periods, the fact that it has various advantages such as reducing costs, suitability for new teaching approaches, preparing a large pool of questions, being time and place independent has led to an increase in the use of online exams. In addition to the advantages that online exams have due to their structure, they have also brought some disadvantages. Some limitations arising from the lack of synonymous proctors during the exam are among these disadvantages. There are a number of digital proctoring tools developed to reduce this limitation. These tools aim to increase exam security by recording the movements of students during the exam process. In this study, information was given about the add-ons used to make online exams safer and more reliable, and a general evaluation was made about the add-ons to provide in-depth knowledge to online exam practitioners.


Moodle, distance education, exam security, digital proctoring  


Bertiz, Y. & Hebebci, M.T. (2021). Security for Online Exams: Digital Proctoring . In R. Thripp & I. Sahin (Eds.), Proceedings of iHSES 2021--International Conference on Humanities, Social and Education Sciences (pp. 369-374). Monument, CO, USA: ISTES Organization. Retrieved 05 December 2021 from


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