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Exploring Crm Involved in Digital Era for Generation X


Student Yi Chun Shen, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan


With the integration of the Internet and consumption, Internet technology reconfigured the traditional consumption patterns and has prompted the emergence of new Customer Relationship Management. Previous research has primarily indicated the trend of the retail industry is from the single, multi, cross to omnichannel. Generation X people who born and grown in the year without the internet faced the information age when they graduated from school. This study aims to explore the evolution of Customer Relationship Management and how generation X involves in the digital era. We used the data collected by observation method and secondary business strategy report from the case of the eslite book store to decompose their omnichannel Customer Relationship Management. The results showed that generation X is used to traditional media, but also engages in social media and the lack of Customer Relationship Management in omnichannel. To conclude, this study dedicated X-Generation consumption to business strategy in the digital transformation.


crm, retail , generationx  


Shen, Y.C. (2021). Exploring Crm Involved in Digital Era for Generation X. In R. Thripp & I. Sahin (Eds.), Proceedings of iHSES 2021--International Conference on Humanities, Social and Education Sciences (pp. 322-332). Monument, CO, USA: ISTES Organization. Retrieved 05 December 2021 from www.2021.ihses.net/proceedings/70/.


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